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Study Visit to Affärsracet 2018!

When: 30th of May, 10.00 to 17.00

Where: Scandinavian Raceway, Anderstorp

Cost: Fair entrance is free. Seminars below are charged, see Affärsracet biljetter

Wednesday 30 May, 0900-1700







Bus pick-up-time, depending on city

Grand Opening

Seminar: Magnus Helgesson, founder of Harrys - Entrepreneurship and Success Factors or VISIT FAIR

Seminar: Success Stories from local Business, "How I made my company go International!" or VISIT FAIR

Study visit to companies in the Gnosjö Region

Bus end station, depending on city

Affärsracet is the largest Business Fair in the Gnosjö Region, with around 200 exhibitors from production industry (plastics, metall, wood) and the service sector. This region is famous for its drive, entrepreneurship and cooperation. We are always looking for competence!

See a list of attending companies here!


At the Affärsracet fair, you will have the possibility to meet with a large number of companies. It might be a good idea for you to bring a number of copies of your CV or a QR-code for its retrieval.



Please note: Buses are planned to be scheduled from Chalmers, Jönköping University, Campus Värnamo, Halmstad Högskola, Växjö University, Högskolan Borås and Blekinge .

Minimum number of participants per bus/transport: 4.

Registration is mandatory to be able to join a bus.

Read more:

For further information please contact Mrs von Krusenstierna, tel + 46 728 533 007,

Register here!

Last day for registration: 10th of May

Yes, I would like to visit the Affärsracet Business Fair 2018.


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